Center for Progressive Education


Early childhood pioneers have provided the platform for not just understanding child growth and development, but merging theory and classroom practices. Researchers have called attention to the dangers of developmentally inappropriate practices (work-sheets, drilling, and rote learning) in child care centers. Child care workers carry a misguided idea that they need to teach academics in child care centers. Moreover, the push for preschool expansion fail to consider quality early care and learning. Researchers have pointed out that these misguided ideas, leading to inappropriate classroom practices are rushing young children too quickly through developmental stages and placing children at risk.

The center for progressive education advocates for a more child-centered approach to leaning where child care workers function as facilitators. Our staff value the contributions of early childhood pioneers and contributions from the field of neuroscience. We believe that classrooms should be reflective of the child and not the teachers. A more progressive approach to learning highlights developing skills through investigation, exploration, problem solving, and discovery as children seek to make sense of the world around them. A more progressive approach to learning also takes into consideration family dynamics and how children process information.

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