P-3 Virtual Learning Community


The purpose of P – 3 virtual Learning Community Project is to provide young children with the opportunity to engage in exploratory experiences that connect culture, the community, and early learning. This project will encourage critical thinking and expansion of language through a more interdisciplinary approach to learning.


Our vision is to develop a positive attitude and a love for learning in young children. We embrace an innovative progressive approach to early care and learning where young children engage in exploration, investigation, and discovery by way of the scientific project-based approach to learning. Our intent is to differentiate young children’s learning based on their needs, interest, and developmental level.

Why a Virtual Learning Community

The landscape of early childhood education has changed due to preschool expansion, educational reform, the quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), and COVID-19. As a result educational leaders must not carry a past structure into a changed landscape.

Destiny Early Childhood Consulting-P – 3 Virtual Learning Community Flyer

Destiny Early Childhood Consulting-P – 3 Virtual Learning Community Brochure

Call us for more information: https://www.destinyearlychildhood.org/contact/

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