Poverty & Early Brain Development

Impact of poverty on children’s developing brain

Research shows that poverty has a significantly negative impact on African American and Latino families. Poverty adversely impacts early brain development and has a lasting impact on childhood development and learning. brainSupplied

Some factors that have a lasting impact on children’s developing brain:

  •  Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Stress
  • Environmental factors (abuse and neglect, domestic violence, poverty)

New Jersey and poverty rate according to data from 2018 Talk Poverty 

Race and ethnicity poverty rate

African Americans: 18.1%

Asian Americans: 6.6%

Latino: 17.4%

Native American: 20.3%

White: 7.8%

Income inequality ratio: 17.2

Gender wage gap: 79.9¢

We all know that poverty can have a lasting effect on children and families. Families experience stress during economic hardship. Children can experience stress from families, which plays a role in learning. Early childhood programs need to be aware of the individualized needs of families and children. They also need to address the whole child and take into consideration variations in learning styles.



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