Parenting class

Parenting can be a challenging task when considering the effects of social pressures. These pressures have a significant effect on children and families. Some parents can develop coping mechanisms that might seem effective, while others might struggle to develop effective parenting mechanisms.

Researchers have shown that there is a relationship between wholesome parenting and a child’s development. Parents will learn about their crucial role in their child’s development, how and what social factors play a role in the parenting structure, as well as strategies that can create and strengthen the parent.

The parent education class presents information on the following topics:

Child growth and development                                 Developmental milestones

Challenging behavior                                        Understanding and redirecting challenging behavior

Brain development                                                       Language development

Approaches to learning                                       Child development and early intervention

Conflict resolution                                                   Children and domestic violence

Children and substance abuse

All information shared in individualized and group sessions are confidential and will not be shared with referring agencies without participants’ written consent. Participants will receive a letter and certificate of completion after successfully completing all sessions of the parent training.

Contact us in order to schedule an individualized or group parenting sessions.